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We are thankful to individual donors and Princeton University for their generous support.

Individual donors adopt a level of the Beaufort Wind Scale, used by sailors and first devised in 1805 by the English naval commander Francis Beaufort. The scale begins at 0, which is a wind speed too slow to move a ship at all, and ends at number 12, which indicates a wind speed too high for the ship to carry any canvas.

Sponsor Force & classification
hyperlink.academy 0 - Calm
John Palmer 1 - Light Air
Paragonday Systems 2 - Light Breeze
Mattie Goedecke 3 - Gentle Breeze
Harm van den Dorpel 4 - Moderate Breeze
Omar Rizwan 5 - Fresh Breeze
Callil Capuozzo 6 - Strong Breeze
Linked by Air 7 - Near Gale
David Allin Reese 8 - Gale
Mattie Goedecke 9 - Strong Gale
Austin Wade Smith 10 - Storm
Dragan Espenschied 11 - Violent Storm
Municipal Geology 12 - Hurricane
Currently, all levels of the Beaufort Wind Scale are adopted. You can also donate separately here. Thank you!

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